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Which Riverflow System is Right for you?
Riverflow has your Solution.

Riverflow Elite®

The Riverflow Elite is our most popular model for all size swimming pools and lap pools. The Elite can be installed during the construction of a new pool or retrofitted to an existing one. The result is the same, a broad smooth, river like current, fully adjustable with finger touch control.

At full power the current enters the pool at about 8 mph. As the primary current moves along the length of the pool, ambient water is “entrained” into the flow path which gradually broadens as it speeds decreases. On average a swimmer they will reduce the speed to about 70% and swim at a comfortable pace 4 to 6 feet downstream. At 100% power only a few strong swimmers could spring up to within reach of the source. The Riverflow expands the possibilities; sprint, endurance and aerobic training, aquatic rehabilitation or just fun for family
and friends.
Riverflow Elite System - Price $11,239.00

Riverflow Competition®
The River flow competition model delivers about 20% more volume and a 10 mph current. This model is installed in all size swimming pools and delivers extreme river-like current to challenge world –class swimmers and kayakers.
Riverflow Competition System - Price - $11,999.00

Riverflow Systems Offer
» Fully Adjusted Current at your finger tips
» Speeds that challenge all level of swimmers
» Fully integrated design (no visible pumps.)
» Completely silent operation
» Our 5 year pump warranty is the most confident warrany our industry offers.
» Fully compliant for both commercial and residential applications under the
   Virginia Graeme Baker Act

Riverflow offers pool builders, design and support at
no additional cost to you!

Consultations are available to homeowners, pool builders, architects, engineers and water parks.

Moving Water Solutions For Both Residential & Commercial Swimming Pools, Therapy Pools, Exercise Pools, Lazy Rivers, Counter Current Pools, Swim In Place Pools, Luxury Pools, Family Pools, Fun Pools, Swim Spas. Construction Types, Shotcrete, Gunite, Fiberglass, Vinyl Liner, Stainless Steel